It’s that we must overcome what we think we can’t breathe without to get it… It’s almost cruel that what we need most must be like a shadow that taunts… It’s not that we can’t taste it but how it we touch it and it turns to dust… It’s not that we’d die but to […]

Battle scars

Find those voids in you Like holes punched through your body Find the edges in them Like jagged shards you put your hand through Find the emptiness in them Like a bottomless pit that extends in all directions Find that they are a part of you Like a scar that won’t heal but a wound […]


Sometimes her eyes burned, dry Sometimes a small tear and a sigh And every cell in her body felt dead Yet her heart insisted on life

Love battles

​Puppet strings of love  Powered by the flick of the master Master of an uncaring heart Powered by the ego Ego of the loved  Powered by a broken mirror Broken mirrors will change you Master of one…puppet of another


“Laugh and the world laughs with you Cry and you cry alone Joy is meant to be shared with all Tears are for you alone” This was something I’d scribbled in the side of some book years ago, and it still holds true. I like how we talk more openly about emotions nowadays, but the […]

 what defines you 

Accept the scars that life gave you  But don’t let them define you Embrace the joys that came your way But don’t define life by them Love those who left you and the ones who stayed  But don’t define love by them Limitless possibilities exist in every moment  So don’t doubt your right to choose 

The heart of matters 

​Have you ever been around long enough for a familiar place to become strange? I imagine old people experience that feeling a lot. I belong to a generation that moved from long landline conversations that were timed by anxious parents to one where 2 year olds can click selfies. This feels pretty normal, and I […]